Balangan Beach Bali, a Silent Beach that is No Longer Hidden?

Balangan Beach Bali Photo

Balangan Beach Bali was probably not as well known as other beaches in Bali. Like Kuta Beach which is the beach of a million people. The location of the beach is rather remote and remote in southern Bali.

However, at Balangan Beach, this is the first time I have seen a beach with a series of coconut trees that are neatly arranged, unique, and full of aesthetics. I have never found such a beautiful beach in Bali.

Yes, it’s really very rare, you know, I see a beach with a composition of coconut trees that is right on the island of Bali. Apart from this beach, I have just found a beach that has a series of beautiful coconut trees on several beaches in Lombok.

But I don’t know whether the coconut trees on Balangan Beach are natural or man-made.

Enjoyment and Beauty at Balangan Beach Bali

Forget for a moment about the origin of the coconut tree. What is clear is that the combination of white sand on Balangan Beach Bali with coconut trees in my opinion is a combination that cannot be separated.

Somehow a beach like this feels more comfortable and calm. The beach is just right for lazing. Anyway, having a vacation to Bali, you really have to play here!

Do you not want to? Lulled in a comfortable atmosphere for a full day, accompanied by the roar of the beach waves that can make the heart calm.

Who doesn’t want to linger on a beach like this? I think everyone will feel at home for long to stay and enjoy the calm atmosphere of Balangan Beach Bali every day.

Balangan Beach, No Longer a Hidden Beach in Bali?

The trip to Balangan Beach Bali is actually still in the context of spending a long Christmas long weekend, as well as exploring some hidden beaches in Bali. One of them is this beach.

A beach that has been included in the CNN Go version of “Bali’s Best 5 Hidden Beaches”. Yes, this beach is indeed famous, like several tourist attractions in Nusa Penida Bali.

Other Attractive Beaches in Bali

Apart from this cool beach, there are actually many other beaches in Bali that are also interesting to visit. For example, such as Turtle Beach on Serangan Island, Tegalwangi Beach, Dreamland Beach, and Jimbaran Bay.

Indeed, when talking about and describing the beaches on the island of Bali it seems endless. So many beaches on this island.

Perhaps the island of a thousand temples is also worthy of the nickname of the island of a thousand beaches. Especially if it weren’t for the many exotic and unique beaches around every corner. Including Balangan Beach, Bali is one of them.

Trip to Balangan Beach Bali

You will not only find beautiful white sand beaches but also interesting views along the way to this beach. That’s why I suggest using a motorbike when visiting this beach. Let me enjoy the atmosphere more.

Yes, the journey to the location where Balangan Beach Bali is located will pass the corners of southern Bali which are far from the crowd. Along the way, it will be very different when compared to the hustle and bustle of Kuta, Legian, or Seminyak. As if, you will pass the unusual side of Bali Island.

Its location is hidden in the southern part of Bali Island, the beach in the Pecatu area is located between two steep coral hills that flank it firmly.

Maybe Balangan Beach Bali was formed because of the impact of the waves that split the hill in the southern island of Bali, right?

I don’t know, but if you pay close attention, almost every beach in the southern region of Bali has the same type, which is crushed by steep and high cliffs. Fortunately, this beach is not like Tegalwangi Beach, where the road access is still not good.

Is Access Easy?

The distance to the beach in South Bali is only about 40 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Even from one of the hills on this beach you can see the Bali airport runway.

During the day, you can enjoy the plane that is taking off and landing. Meanwhile, at night the lights in the Kuta area will look nice from here.

Access and routes to Balangan Beach Bali are indeed much easier. The main road to the beach is smooth asphalt. The road to the beach sand also has stairs.

No need to bother just to get to the beach like Tegalwangi Beach. No wonder, if this beach is getting more and more popular today.

The Environment Around Balangan Beach Bali

The position of Balangan Beach Bali with a coastline of approximately 1 km is facing north, so that I and anyone can while watching the activities of Ngurah Rai International Airport in the distance, as I mentioned earlier.

The eastern part itself is bordered by high cliffs, with a groove underneath because it is eroded by the waves.

In the western part of Balangan Beach Bali, it is bordered by high cliffs full of plants, especially coconut trees, besides that there is also a kind of hut to enjoy the beach from a height.

Funding on the western part of this beach feels very comfortable, especially when the sun is hot. Meanwhile, if the beach recedes, then it’s time to play water.

Even better, if the sea conditions are receding, we can walk to Dreamland Beach by continuing to walk westward while along the shoreline.

But if the sea is in high tide, you shouldn’t try to walk to Dreamland Beach. Too dangerous! If you’re unlucky, you can even get swept away by the waves!

Sand and Waves in Balangan Beach Bali

Compared to other beaches, the texture of the sand at Balangan Beach Bali feels a little rough. But this is natural because Balangan is not a sand-type beach as fine as flour-like Seminyak Beach.

But try to set your feet on this beach while enjoying the quiet, comfortable, and calm atmosphere. Surely this is an atmosphere that I cannot find on the beach of a million people, Kuta Beach Bali.

Swimming and surfing seem to be activities that are the main attractions at Balangan Beach Bali, but because this beach is located in the southern part of Bali where the waves are quite large, you must always be vigilant, besides that there are also no lifeguards on duty on this beach, such as like on Kuta Beach.

This beach has waves that are perfect for surfing, which is why this beach is popular with surfers.

Uh, this beach at Balangan Beach Bali has also hosted a world-class water surfing competition, you know.

Apart from watching, you can also learn to surf or learn to surf on this cool beach. There is a school for beginner surfers here. This surfing course at this beach is short, so it won’t take up a lot of time.

Facilities at Balangan Beach Bali

Although Balangan Beach Bali is hidden, the facilities and accommodation are quite a lot, there are many cafes with easy chairs. There are also many inns on Balangan Beach. You can also stay near the beach if you want.

Indeed, this beach is like a paradise, considering the condition of Bali Island which is now starting to get a little crowded and congested.

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