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Balekambang Beach Malang Indonesia: Location, Tickets, and Tips

Photo of Balekambang Beach Malang

Balekambang beach Malang is one of the beautiful beaches that must be visited in Indonesia. Because the charm is no less interesting than the beaches in Bali.

This beach is also often called Malang-style Tanah Lot. In addition, Balekambang Beach has easy road access.

Coupled with the beauty of the panorama and cheap ticket prices, make tourists are interested in visiting Balekambang Beach. Interested in enjoying its charm? Check out the following Balekambang Beach tourist information!

The Amazing Balekambang Beach Malang

1. Location, operating hours, and ticket prices

  • Location: Balekambang Street, Sumber Jambe Hamlet, Srigonco Village, Bantur District, Malang, East Java.
  • Operating hours: 24 hours
  • Ticket prices: Monday-Friday IDR 10 thousand and Saturday-Sunday IDR 15 thousand

2. Route to Balekambang Beach Malang

The easiest route is to depart from the city center of Malang. You will travel for approximately two hours with a distance of 60 kilometers.

Direct the vehicle to Jalan Attorney General Suprapto. Follow the straight road until you meet Jalan Raya Malang-Gempol, then turn right onto Jalan W.R. Supratman, follow the road until you meet a roundabout.

Then, turn the vehicle to Jalan Panglima Sudirman, follow the straight road until you are on Jalan Gatot Subroto. When you meet the intersection, continue your journey following the straight path on Jalan Martadinata, Jalan Kolonel Sugiono, Jalan Raya Gadang, Jalan Adi Mulya, until you meet Gondang Legi Market.

From the market, follow the straight path on Jalan Raya Pagelaran until you meet Jalan Raya Bantur. Follow the direction of the road until you reach Balekambang Street and meet the Balekambang Beach marker.

3. The attraction of Balekambang Beach Malang

Balekambang Beach has been a tourist attraction since 1985. The beautiful natural panorama and the vast expanse of sand make for an epic mix.

Besides being famous as a natural tourist, Balekambang Beach has the main attraction in the form of a temple on a rocky island. The island is called Ismoyo Island. There is Amarta Jati Temple which is still used for Hindu religious ceremonies.

To visit the temple, visitors only need to cross the available bridge. However, women who are menstruating are prohibited from visiting Amarta Jati Temple. There are two other islands in the vicinity, namely Anoman Island and Wisanggeni Island.

In addition to this attraction, there is a myth that says that the water on this beach can make the face look younger. No wonder many beachgoers swim to prove this myth.

4. Activities to do

It’s not complete if you go to the beach without playing with water and sand, as well as hunting for beautiful photo spots. If you come in the late afternoon, you can hunt for silhouette photos at sunset.

If you prefer light activities, just sit back and relax on the beach while enjoying the scenery and atmosphere around you.

Another fun activity is a picnic with family or friends. Don’t forget to bring a sitting mat or mat, as well as provisions to enjoy together.

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Balekambang Beach to be more satisfied, you can camp. Don’t forget to bring your tent and camping equipment, okay?

You can also fish, then bring home the fishing results, or burn directly on the beach. Because this beach does not provide fishing equipment, so you have to bring your tools, yes.

Interestingly, you can play flying fox. However, the rides are only open on Saturdays and Sundays. Playing flying fox can stimulate adrenaline while enjoying Balekambang Beach freely.

After being tired of activities, you can fill your stomach at the food stalls there. Many food stalls provide delicious menus at affordable prices.

5. Tips for visiting Balekambang Beach Malang

There are some tips that you can apply while on vacation to Balekambang Beach Malang, including:

  • Come in the afternoon to avoid the skin from the hot sun.
  • Use sunscreen or sunblock to protect the skin.
  • Bring food and drinks.
  • Throw garbage in its place.
  • Supervise children’s activities while playing on the beach.
  • If you want to go camping or fishing, bring personal equipment.

That’s the tourist information about Balekambang Beach in Malang. Hopefully, it can help those of you who want to vacation to Balekambang Beach. Don’t forget to follow the health protocols, okay?