The Enchanting Beauty of Balian Beach Bali, Tabanan

Balian Beach Bali Tabanan

Balian Beach Bali – For lovers of coastal nature tourism in Bali, you will be treated to a variety of typical beaches that are different and unique, such as white, black, or coral beaches, including those that offer the natural beauty of sunset and sunrise.

Some of them also offer ideal places to play watersports, ranging from enjoying the natural beauty of the underwater world or enjoying large and long waves, such as those served by Balian beach in Tabanan Bali.

Balian Beach Bali

This Balian beach Bali tourist destination presents big waves with long waves and does not break easily, so it becomes a special dish for those who love surfing recreation.

The beautiful charm of Balian beach, with its calm and peaceful nature, is an ideal recreation area for family holiday activities, especially children. The location of this coastal natural recreation area is strategically located close to the tourism area of West Bali.

Access and Location

Balian Beach tourist destinations are located in Banjar Pengasahan, Lalalinggah Village, Selemadeg District, Tabanan Regency. Access to the location of this tourist attraction is very easy, because it is on the Denpasar – Gilimanuk highway.

The distance from the airport to Balian Tabanan beach is about 2 hours by car, while from Gilimanuk it is about 84 km. If you are on a tour in the direction of West Bali tourism, then the beaches in Tabanan are in the same direction.

The location of the Balian beach tourist spot in Tabanan is a bit far from the centers of Bali tourism such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur, so tourists are rarely visited with the aim of just relaxing to enjoy its beauty.

However, for those lovers of natural beach tourism and surfers will not discourage them from trying out the waves that are offered. For surf recreation lovers who are on vacation on the island of the Gods, Bali, of course, they must schedule this Balian beach tour.

Balian Beach Tabanan Surfing Spot in Bali

Many beaches in Bali offer high waves and are not easily broken, so in addition to making them a place to relax, they are also ideal for surfing as offered by a number of tourist destinations in South Bali tourism areas such as Kuta beach, Padang-padang, Balangan, Bingin, Suluban, and Dreamland.

However, the existence of Balian beach will provide different choices, the treat of waves on Balian beach is suitable for surfers of various levels, both beginners and professionals with its calm nature and quieter visitors, offering a different new holiday atmosphere.

The waves on the Balian beach tourist attraction in Tabanan move high and stretch from the left and right so that surfing games are the most ideal, even so, beach tourism lovers can just relax enjoying the beauty of the natural scenery of the sea, while watching the surfers’ dance conquering the waves.

Other Things You Can Enjoy at Balian Beach Bali

Coastal natural recreation areas such as Balian beach are very calm and peaceful, so they can be an alternative tour destination when you are bored with crowds.

Balian beach tourist destinations, are not only intended for those of you who surf mania, but also can be a place to relax and enjoy the other side of the beauty of the coasts of the island of the Gods of Bali.

Those who like anti-mainstream tourism can make it an ideal place to relax, the atmosphere is calmer, because there are only foreign tourists who surf, so you can more freely relax and enjoy its natural beauty.

Views Offered

Although the sand of the beach in this tourist spot is gray-black, it does not reduce the atmosphere that is served, the nuance is calm, beautiful and peaceful, perfect for removing fatigue and keeping away from the crowd.

This tourist attraction in Tabanan can be another alternative to tour events in Bali when you are planning a trip to the West Bali tourism area.

This Balian beach attraction in Tabanan also offers cliff views on several parts of the coast, as if it is like a large wall that divides the water and land, as well as rows of coconut trees, adding to its uniqueness and beauty, especially during the evening view, sunset or sunset treats be an additional attraction, make you feel at home for long.

Relax on Balian Beach Bali

Coastal natural recreation areas such as the Balian Tabanan beach are not only places to surf or swim to feel the fresh sea water. But also to relax with friends and family while watching the sunset treats.

Small stalls on the beach can be a comfortable place to relax while enjoying a meal accompanied by beautiful natural treats.

Lodging and Restaurants Around the Beach

If you want to enjoy a peaceful, calm, and quiet vacation atmosphere in beautiful nature, then this natural recreation area on the Balian coast in Tabanan, will be the ideal place. You can stay in this tourism area, a number of cheap hotels to luxury hotels are in this area.

Even though the location is quiet, you will not be lonely, because a number of restaurants on the beach offer a variety of seafood dishes at affordable prices and quite cheap, accompanied by music during your dinner, so it feels more fun, just like in the Jimbaran area of South Bali.


Surfers also need to be careful, because there is news that during high tide, the presence of a bull shark can be quite dangerous, because a number of surfers have been injured and are thought to have been bitten by a shark, although the truth has yet to be proven.

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