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The Most Beautiful Beach in India Will Make You Feel On Vacation

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Beach in India – The State of India has many factors that make it worthy of being a favorite tourist destination. Apart from being rich in culture, India is also known to have a variety of the best tourist attractions that are a pity to miss and beaches are one of them.

Well, here are 10 beaches in India that are most frequently visited by tourists because they have very beautiful and stunning views. Listen, yes.

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1. First Beach in India, Chakratirth, Gujarat

Chakratirth Beach is the longest beach in India. The atmosphere of the beach is calm because it is not too crowded with visitors, making Chakratirth Beach very popular with female tourists. This is because this atmosphere makes them feel more comfortable and free to swim.

2. Second Beach in India, Chowpatty, Mumbai

This beach is more visited by tourists at night and on weekends. Visiting Chowpatty beach at night allows you to more freely enjoy the waves which will make you feel more peaceful.

In addition, taking a walk along the soft beach sand during the day or playing and swimming on the shoreline is also a favorite activity most often carried out by tourists.

3. Third Beach in India, Arjuna, North Goa

It is no secret that Goa is one of the most beautiful places in India which is often a vacation destination for tourists. The most famous beach in Goa, namely Arjuna beach, never seems empty of visitors. Even the lively atmosphere can still be felt until the evening because many bars serve various music complete with DJs.

4. Morjim Beach, Still in North Goa

Like Arjuna beach, Morjim Beach is also still located in the Goa area, more precisely in North Goa. Come to this beach in the morning. Besides you will see the sun that is starting to rise, you will also see a dramatic view of the fishermen who carry their giant nets.

Besides that, this beach is also suitable for you to do snorkeling, you know.

5. The Next Beach in India, Mandrem, North Goa

Apart from the two beaches above, the magnificent Mandrem beach which stretches north to the Arambol area is also highly recommended for tourists to visit.

Don’t forget to stop by Olive Ridley which is a turtle nest and if you are lucky, tourists can see eagles with white bellies perched on cypress trees.

6. Again in North Goa, Arambol Beach

Still in the Goa area. Even though to get there tourists have to go through winding roads, this Arambol beach is still a must-visit list. The activities most often done by tourists on this beach are seeing the cross and Parasurama which is a small temple. The sunset will look very beautiful when seen from this place.

7. The Last Beach in India on This List, Radhanagar, Havelock Island

This beach has clean white sand, clear seawater, and light waves that allow tourists to freely swim here and there. Radhanagar Beach is also the best place for sunset hunters. Tourists will also see a lot of crabs on the shoreline.

With all the beauty it has, it is only fitting that Radhanagar was once named one of the best beaches in Asia.