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Here Are 5 Beaches in Albania that Have Incredible Charm

Best Beaches in Albania

Beaches in Albania – Albania is one of the European countries that have an amazing landscape. Many tourist attractions can be visited, ranging from beaches, lakes, castles, museums, to historical heritage buildings. One of the tourist attractions that are a favorite of many visitors is the beach.

This country has many beaches that are famous for their beauty. Many tourists flock to spend time on vacation to Albania’s beaches. The beach is neatly maintained which of course makes them more comfortable. Here are five stunning beaches in Albania that will blow your mind!

Beaches in Albania You Must Visit

1. One of the Best Beaches in Albania, Drymades

Drymades is one of the most beautiful beaches in Albania that would be a pity to miss. The clear seawater, clean white sand, and the pounding of the waves will be very difficult to forget.

Visitors can also see the stunning sunset view. Overall, this beach is an ideal place to spend time on vacation.

2. Pulebardha

Pulebardha is a beach located in the coastal city of Saranda, which is considered the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera. The city is one of the most visited places in the country.

Pulebardha is one of the most beautiful beaches in the city and is the most visited beach. This beach is relaxing with pebbly sand surrounded by shallow clear water that twinkles so that the fish are visible.

3. The Next Beaches in Albania, Dhërmi

Dhërmi is located close to Drymades. This beach is one of the most popular places in Albania. In addition, this beach is one of the longest on the Albanian Riviera.

In summer, tourists will flock to visit this beach. The clear seawater that is bright blue with the sand so clean can certainly be the reason why this beach is crowded with visitors.

4. Ksamil

Ksamil is south of Saranda. This beach is one of the most coveted beach destinations in Albania. This beach is nicknamed the “pearl of Ionia” because of its beauty.

This beach has a stretch of sea that is so stunning with a clear turquoise color. In addition, there are several lounges for tourists who want to sunbathe or just relax.

5. Another Beaches in Albania, Borsh

Borsh is the largest beach in Albania which has stunning views. With a backdrop of peak countryside, olive groves, and grazing goats, this beach is one of the beautiful beaches that must be visited while in Albania.

Like other beaches, this beach is crowded with visitors during summer. Visitors will swim and also sunbathe around the beach.

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Albania has many beautiful and amazing beaches. This beach can certainly be used as an exciting vacation destination. So I want to go there too!