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8 Hidden Beaches in Hong Kong that are Attractive and Must-Visit

Some Beaches in Hong Kong

Beaches in Hong Kong – Hong Kong is one of the areas that is often identified with urban tourism, it is understandable that the region, which is now included in the country of China, does have industrial and development patterns that are classified as superior on the Asian scale.

However, that does not mean that Hong Kong does not have the potential for natural tourism to satisfy the appetite for adventure. This 1,104 square km area still has many hidden places, especially beaches.

8 Beaches in Hong Kong

Turtle Cove, One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Hong Kong

Turtle Cove is the only beach that has a place to enjoy the view from the hilly area. To enjoy this colossal view, tourists are required to climb about 200 steps.

Long Ke Wan, Is Also One Of The Very Beautiful Beaches in Hong Kong

The stretching white sand meets the blue seawater, making most of the people who have visited this place as if they don’t believe there is a place like this in Hong Kong. However, to reach this place, you have to go through quite an unfriendly terrain.

Hoi Ha Wan

If you want to enjoy kayaking or snorkeling, Hoi Ha Wan beach is the place to be. In this coastal area, there are more than 120 species of fish, 60 types of coral, and other creatures that use mangroves as their habitat.

Tung Ping Chau

For underwater panoramic ‘hunters’, this beach, located in the Northeast of Mirs Bay, is a dream location as well as a haven to escape while enjoying life. This beach is also not far from the Geopark area.

Tung Fuk, One of Hong Kong’s Most Loved Beaches for Dusk Lovers

Even though it is quite popular in Hong Kong, this beach still has the charisma that dusk hunters can’t escape.

Ham Tin Wan, Is Also One Of The Beaches You Must Visit

Arguing about the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong but not including Ham Tin Wan is an unforgivable mistake. This beach, which is located in a remote area, has a challenging route to conquer before indulging in the coast.

Hap Mun Wan

Hap Mun Wan is the most isolated area from the previous beaches, apart from having access which is difficult to reach, Hap Mun Wan Beach is also part of the Geopark so the entry rules are tighter.

One of the Best Beaches in Hong Kong, Lo So Shing

This beach, which is located in the western part of Lamma Island, is a hidden area that has the charm to ‘attract’ addicts to relax under a tree while enjoying the calm sea waves.

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