Beautiful Islands and Beaches in Malaysia You Must Visit

7 beaches in malaysia

Beaches in Malaysia – Various Tourist attractions in Malaysia, located in Southeast Asia, are famous for exotic islands with many amazing features such as beaches, tropical rainforests, and cultural diversity.

A large number of these islands are popular for diving and snorkeling purposes because of their clear waters and colorful coral reefs.

Island tourism in Malaysia is not only for beaches and for diving. There are many places here such as colonial villages, beautiful temples, bustling resorts, and adventure activities.

Find out more about the best Malaysian Islands, here are the 10 most beautiful islands in Malaysia that you must visit.

7 Islands and beaches in malaysia

First, the Beaches in Malaysia on the Island of Tioman

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Tioman is set against a beautiful backdrop for the filming of the 1958 film, “South Pacific.”

Tioman Island still maintains a lot of natural beauty and diversity of wildlife which includes monitor lizards.

Because Tioman is surrounded by coral reefs, the island is a good place for diving and snorkeling.

Tourists here can also enjoy jungle trekking, swim under waterfalls, visit turtle farms and see local culture in traditional villages.

The Second Beaches in Malaysia are in the Perhentian Islands

Located off the East coast of Malaysia and not far from the Thai border. Pulau Perhentian is a must-place in Malaysia for travelers.

The two main islands referred to here are Perhentian Besar island and Perhentian Kecil island.It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia and great diving with lots of cheap lodging available.

Visitors can also explore tropical forests which include many islands.

Next, Langkawi Island

Malaysia’s most famous tourist destination, Langkawi consists of 99 Malaysian islands in the Andaman Sea.

These islands are located close to the Thai border on the Andaman Sea. This island has a population of around 65,000, the only other inhabited island being near Tuba Island.

With a wide variety of scenic beaches, mountains, rainforests, and wetland mangroves, Langkawi offers tourists the greatest variety of things to see and do.

A popular activity here is to take a ride on the Mount Mat Chincang cable car and hike across the sky bridge to see incredible views across Thailand.

Nearby is Langkawi’s highest peak, Gunung Raya, which features resorts, restaurants, and a beautiful lookout tower at its peak.

There is an Oriental Village where visitors can enjoy cultural performances, watch snake charmers and ride elephants.

Interested in visiting this place?

The Next Beaches in Malaysia are on Tenggol Island

Pulau Tenggol offers tourists enjoyment on their private tropical island.

The island is traditionally inhabited but now contains some good hotels to visit.

The sparkling white beach on Tenggol Island is attractively framed by a stretch of emerald tropical forest located in the interior of the island.

This small island is a valuable location for fishermen and divers.

Sipadan Island, Other Beaches in Malaysia

Located off the coast of East Malaysia Borneo, Sipadan is a legend among divers.

The area is full of exotic species including reef The brilliant white beaches of Tenggol Island are framed by emerald tropical forests in the interior of the, turtles, and hammerheads.

Lastly, Sipadan Island has become a protected area and all resorts on the Island are now closed.

Diving in these areas is still allowed but divers transports in and out of the mainland and other islands.

An excellent base from which to explore Sipadan is Mabul Island which is home to many high-end hotels and several hostels.

Next, Kapas Island

Off the coast from the mainland of Marang lies Kapas Island.

Pulau Kapas means the island of cotton. A name given by local residents, because it is inspired by its soft white beaches like cotton.

Snorkelers and divers visit the island for its beautiful and calm waters filled with a wide variety of marine life.

Of course, it is very beautiful to use for traveling.

The Last Beaches in Malaysia, are on the Island of Mabul

This small island off the southeast coast of Sabah is very beautiful, you know. It has a beautiful beach decorated with white sand, coconut trees growing on it, and turquoise water.

Mabul Island is the best destination in the world for diving. Mabul Island also offers a small reserve of marine life including species such as frogfish, scorpionfish, cuttlefish, squids, gobies, and various shellfish.

Visitors can easily walk around the island in an hour to explore places such as a conventional village with existing thatched huts.

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