7 Beaches in Mexico Are Famous for Their Beauty

7 beaches in mexico

Beaches in Mexico – A vacation to Mexico is a popular choice among travelers because Mexico is rich in culture, food, especially natural features, such as beaches.

The coastline in Mexico is extensive, covering the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Depending on the region of Mexico you choose, the beaches and surrounding water will differ.

Several species of whales, turtles, and other large animals also differ between the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the country.

Well, here we present a list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Mexico! Here is the list:

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One of the Best Beaches in Mexico, Tulum

If you are a history lover, then you know that this beach is in the shadow of the famous Mayan ruins of Tulum.

Located on the southern tip of the Mayan Riviera, the beach in Tulum has pristine white sand, palm trees, and turquoise water that will make you happy!

Located about two hours south of Cancun, the area has great beach hotels to relax and unwind.

One of the Beaches in Mexico for Sports, Playa La Ropa

The “Beach of Clothing” got its name when the Spanish galleons were destroyed, and loads of colorful fabrics were washed along this coast. Today, it is a beach for water sports, especially for Ixtapa.

You can also enjoy parasailing, jet ski and other water activities here. After getting tired of exercising, you can relax and fill your stomach at the restaurants around the beach. Exciting, huh?

One of the Beaches in Mexico for Traveling with Family, Bahia Balandra

This is the premier family beach in the Baja La Paz area. Famous for its rock formations called the Diamond rock, Bahia Balandra is a combination of sand, gentle breeze, and worn rock formations.

It is shallow enough that the cold Pacific waters will be warmer here.

One of the Most Famous Beaches in Mexico, Playa del Amor

Located at the confluence of the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, the two-sided secluded Playa del Amor (Beloved’s Beach) is one of the most famous beaches in Mexico.

This beach is easily accessible by water boat from the marina in Cabo San Lucas.

This beach is well worth a visit, for the Land’s End’s towering rock formations, endless ocean views, and great snorkeling on the seaside of Cortez.

Playa del Carmen

This beach is beautiful for those who like to relax, the sand is clean and the water is calm.

Although usually bustling with tourists from Europe, in many ways, Playa del Carmen still feels like the sleepy fishing village it used to be.

A mix of large resorts and small hotels, cruise ship visitors, and easy boat access to Cozumel and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef make this beach a favorite location from which to venture out to other ports.

Playa de Akumal

This great snorkeling area near Playa Del Carmen has coral reefs that stretch 20-300 feet offshore.

Turtles and tropical fish are common sights here. The water is safe and calm even for beginner snorkelers to enjoy.

For those who don’t like snorkeling, there are still beautiful stretches of white sand and non-choppy waters, so it’s great for swimming and relaxing.

Playa Norte

Mujeres Island off the coast of Cancun is usually visited by tourists to relax and observe wildlife. Sea turtles and whale sharks are two of the most popular species to see here.

On the northern tip of the island, there is a beach called Playa Norte which is decorated with white sand and palm trees, also equipped with several restaurants and beach bars.

This is a great beach for you wildlife lovers or watchers!

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