5 Beaches in Myanmar that are Known Exotic and Must-Visit

5 Beaches in Myanmar

Beaches in Myanmar – Although known as the Land of a Thousand Pagodas, Myanmar’s appeal is not only around the rows of sacred buildings where Buddhists worship. Apart from pagodas, Myanmar also provides natural destinations through several beaches that are no less exotic than its neighboring country, Thailand.

Here is a list of the best beaches in Myanmar.

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One of the Best Beaches in Myanmar, Ngapali

The most popular beach in Myanmar, which has two miles of white sandy contours. Walkers can feel comfortable while traveling around Ngapali because it is equipped with luxury resorts and a variety of water activities, including kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Apart from offering luxury resorts, budget travelers are welcomed at Ngapali Beach which also provides accommodation on a budget, from beachfront cottages to villas with the best amenities. Pay attention to visiting times because Ngapali Beach will be crowded with tourists, especially local people who visit it during the Thingyan holiday, Myanmar New Year.

Second Beaches in Myanmar, Maungmagan

In the past, before being known as one of the best marine destinations in Myanmar, Maungmagan Beach was used by the British colonialists as a retreat in the pre-World War II era. Located near the port city of Dawei, Maungmagan Beach is easily accessible by driving about 30 minutes downtown.

Visiting Maungmagan Beach, hikers will find rows of pine trees with crystal clear waters. Even though the scenery you enjoy is so perfect, the infrastructure at Maungmagan Beach is not as complete as at Ngapali Beach.

Next, Ngwesaung Beach

Relatively accessible from Yangon, Ngwesaung Beach, which is near the fishing village of the same name, is a local weekend destination. However, foreign tourists are starting to flock here due to the iconic Ngwesaung Beach with twin stupas by the beach, Kyauk Maumghnama Pagoda.

Having several luxury resorts, Ngwesaung Beach features white sandy beach contours, with even clearer waters than Ngapali Beach. Hikers can spend their time riding horses, participating in water activities, or simply strolling by the beach while watching residents go about their activities.

There is also Chaungtha Beach

Including one of the beaches that can be reached easily from the former capital of Yangon, Chaungtha Beach is also often used as a holiday destination on weekends. This beach with local flavors looks attractive with rows of food stalls selling cheap seafood.

Usually, visitors will rent an inflatable boat to go around Chaungtha Beach or visit neighboring islands. For tourists, this beach offers various accommodations according to budget. On important days and national holidays, Chaungtha Beach will be crowded with local tourists, it’s a good idea to check your calendar before visiting here.

Other Beaches in Myanmar, Teyzit / Tizit Beach

A little hidden and about 16 miles from the city of Dawei, Teyzit Beach is very convenient to visit because of the minimum number of tourists. With soft white sand and a little trash on the beach, making Teyzit Beach a perfect escape when Maungmagan Beach is crowded with visitors.

With a pleasant atmosphere and quiet visitors, unfortunately, this beach has not been facilitated by adequate infrastructure. There are only a few beachside eateries and simple bars for sipping local beers located in the village near the beach.

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