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One of the Black Beach Bali

Black Beach Bali – The beauty of beaches in Bali, Indonesia is often a topic of conversation. But more than that, many things are identified with this beauty. One of them is a white sandy beach.

Sure enough, because white sand is often considered charming and able to present the impression of beauty on each of the famous beaches in Bali. Many tourists feel that the white sand beach is very cool.

But besides that, please note that there is also a black sand beach that is so exotic and captivates anyone who sees it. When viewed from a beauty perspective, it is certainly not inferior to the white sandy beaches in Bali.

The black stretch on the beach can give tourists a distinct impression, so that it can make the holiday feel more valuable.

#1. Nyanyi Black Beach Bali

The first black beach Bali that can be visited is Nyanyi beach. The location is close to Mengening beach.

The beauty of this beach looks twinkling so that it is different when compared to other black sand beaches. The flickering in this place is generated from the reflection of sunlight hitting the black sand material on the beach.

Because the sand is black, it’s clear that the resulting flickering is so striking. The location of this Nyanyi beach is in Nyanyi village, Tabanan. Please note that there are no rocks on this beach so it is suitable for rolling around.

#2. Mengening Beach, Bali

Next is Mengening beach. This black beach Bali can be found when visiting Tanah Lot Temple. The location of the Mengening beach is in Cemangi Village, Badung.

Visitors don’t need to worry about access to this beach because it can be accessed very easily. The road to the beach is asphalt and there are directions clearly plastered on the side of the road.

This black beach has large rocks. At the same location, visitors can find a temple called Pura Gede Luhur Batungaus. The location in this place is very supportive of romantic photos making it suitable for couples.

#3. Kelating Black Beach Bali

Kelating. This black sand beach is still in the Tabanan area. The scenery can be said to be very amazing. The location is in Kelating Village, Kerambitan. Road access to the location is also very easy because there are already directions and good road conditions.

The waves on this beach are very beautiful. Surfers all over the world love it.

Still in the same location, there is a small cave with lots of bats in it. The atmosphere is so quiet that many visitors feel it as a private island. Suitable for calming down from the busy work that has been shackling.

This beach is also a meeting of sea water with fresh water. At the same location there is a temple called Luhur Timan Agung.

#4. Lembeng Beach

As the name implies, this beach is located in Lembeng Village, Gianyar, Bali. This black sand beach is indeed so exotic and charming. The waves on this beach are indeed quite high and the water splashes are so beautiful.

The atmosphere is soothing and able to make visitors sleep soundly. The facilities on this beach are also very complete, such as the availability of toilets, gazebos and stalls.

#5. Purnama Black Beach Bali

The next black beach Bali is Purnama beach. This pinned name certainly has a reason. It turns out that the reason is because there are many visits from local tourists when the full moon arrives.

The location of this black sand beach is in Banjar Lumpang, Gianyar, Bali. If you start the journey from Denpasar, it will cover a distance of approximately 50 kilometers.

Access to this beach can be done by passing the Standing Stones Restaurant restaurant. How about other beaches in Bali, Purnama beach is also used for religious ceremonies.

#6. Kusamba Black Beach

Still talking about black beaches in Bali, next is Kusamba beach. As the name suggests, this beach is in Kusamba Village, Klungkung Regency.

Kusamba black sand beach is still very beautiful. In a similar location, visitors will find stalls selling seafood catches. This beach is also a beach where salt is processed.

Even today, processing is still carried out from generation to generation. Uniquely, the salt processing method used by farmers is still traditional or it can be said to use the old method.

When viewed in terms of the waves, it’s not that hard. Visitors can try to feel the sensation of being a fisherman by renting an existing boat.

#7. Padang Galak Beach

Next is Padang Galak Beach. Not many people know this beach. But who would have thought he was so exotic and stunningly beautiful. So it would be a pity to just pass it up.

The location of this beach is on Jalan Padang Galak, East Denpasar. More interestingly, this beach regularly holds giant kite competitions.

The kite competition is held every July to September. In both months, the wind did blow faster than usual.

Not only that, this beach is also a Kertalangi jogging track so it is very suitable to be used as a jogging sports arena at sunset and sunrise.

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