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Diamond Beach Bali Indonesia, Nusa Penida’s Newest Tourist Attraction

Pict of Diamond Beach Bali Indonesia

Previously, the beauty of Diamond Beach Bali Indonesia could only be enjoyed from a height on a hillside, but now you can go straight to the shoreline.

Diamond Beach is now one of the newest tourist attractions with a beautiful, beautiful and instagramable nature in Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia.

This amazing beach offers the beauty of a clean white sandy beach and is still rarely visited, because its location is also relatively hidden behind a hillside.

But you need to know that to enjoy the beauty of Diamond beach, you need extra stamina, because you have to climb stairs after stairs located on a steep hillside wall.

Photo of Diamond Beach Bali

Becomes a New Tourist Place

The charm of nature on the island of Nusa Penida is now increasingly popular and popular, a number of the latest tourist attractions are also emerging along with the increasing tourist visits to Nusa Penida Island.

Places that were previously hidden, as well as access to locations that were not possible, are now starting to become the attention of residents, so that the hidden tourism potential can be enjoyed by tourists.

One of them is Diamond beach, its name has just emerged as access to the beach location was opened in 2018.

Access and Attraction of Diamond Beach Bali Indonesia Tourism Objects

Diamond beach attractions are in an area with Atuh beach, Pulau Seribu, Raja Lima, and the Molentang tree house. The location of the 5 tourist attractions is in one area.

Even between the Thousand Islands and Raja Lima, the locations are close together and offer almost the same views, even though the spots to enjoy this beauty are in different locations. In terms of names, they are different, so you don’t need to be confused with the names of the two places.

Well, if you happen to schedule a tour to the Nusa Penida area on the East route, then you must visit these 5 tourist attractions, and the next direction on the East route is Teletubbies Hill.

Before making road access to Diamond beach, visitors can only enjoy the natural beauty of this area only from the top of the hillside. From above you can see views of the blue sea, a cluster of small islands, and the white sandy Diamond beach.

The beauty of the area is even more perfect when you can set foot on the white sandy beach which is about 50 meters below the hillside.

The access road is made by cutting the rock wall. Access to it is quite heavy, including when you climb stairs after stairs to the bottom of the cliff.

When trekking to the Diamond beach location, you need to be careful. A fit stamina is needed, because the steps leading to the bottom of the cliff are very steep and must be rethought for the trip back to the top.

Not recommended for young children or elderly parents, including those with a phobia of heights.

But of course, beautiful places like Diamond beach, which were previously untouched at all, and are now still rarely visited, will be a challenge for those who love adventure tourism, and will provide an exciting experience along the way to the beach.

Diamond beach Bali Indonesia tourist destinations are now increasingly popular and popular.

At the edge of the stairs is lined with rope, where visitors can hold on when they descend, so the journey is safer.

After about 20-30 minutes climbing the stairs, you can arrive at the location. A beautiful and beautiful natural scenery lies beautifully in front of your eyes, your struggle is not in vain, everything pays off even after you set foot on this Diamond beach.

Its calm nature, white sand beach, hidden behind high hill cliffs, will provide a new and enjoyable experience. The sea water is also very clear, indicating that this area is not polluted and is still a virgin.

The attractiveness and charm of this tourist spot in Nusa Penida is indeed amazing.

Clear sea water, of course very tempting you to swim or just wet your body to feel fresher. However, it is advisable to swim on the edge of the beach, because the contours of the seabed at Diamond beach are quite steep, to avoid unwanted things.

Moreover, there are no lifeguards here, and visitors at the beach location are still relatively few.

Diamond beach attractions are the coolest spots that are most in demand for adventure lovers, even for those who like photo hunting or selfie fans, instagramable natural scenery.

Location and Entrance Ticket to Diamond Beach Bali Indonesia

The location of the Diamond beach tourist attraction in Banjar Pelilit, Pisianutan Village, Nusa Penida District, Kab. Klungkung, Bali. As is well known, getting to Nusa Penida can be accessed by speed boat or fast boat from Sanur or Kusamba jetty.

The distance from the Toya Pakeh pier to the location of the tourist attraction in Nusa Penida is about 60 minutes drive.

In the Nusa Penida tourist map, Diamond beach is on the eastern side of the island, so if you arrange a tour in this area, you can package tour trips to a number of tourist attractions in the same direction in this area.

The price of admission to Diamond beach is IDR 10,000/person, parking fees of IDR 5,000/motorbike and IDR 10,000/car.

How to visit here, you can rent a motorbike or rent a car plus a driver on the island of Nusa Penida, the distance from Toya Pakeh pier is about 28 km to the east route of the island.

To make it easier, just trust your tour program to a travel agent, so that you are more calm and comfortable during the trip, and the tour package has also been packed properly and optimally.

Hopefully useful.