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Kesirat Beach Yogyakarta: Location, Route, Ticket Prices, and Tips

Information About Kesirat Beach Yogyakarta

For beach lovers, you can visit the Gunung Kidul area, Yogyakarta. There is Kesirat Beach Yogyakarta which is famous as one of the favorite places to enjoy the sunset. The atmosphere on this beach is suitable for those of you who want to unwind.

In addition, Kesirat Beach has many unique charms, you know. Curious, what interesting things does Kesirat Beach have? Before visiting there, first, check out the following Kesirat Beach tourist information!

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1. Location, operating hours, and ticket prices

  • Location: Karang Hamlet, Girikarto Village, Panggang District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta.
  • Operating hours: 24 hours
  • Ticket price: IDR 5,000

2. Route to Kesirat Beach Yogyakarta

The easiest route is from downtown Yogyakarta. Navigate the vehicle towards Piyungan until you meet the TNI Air Force intersection.

From that place, drive the vehicle towards Playen, then continue the journey until you meet the Paliyan market. From Paliyan Market, point the vehicle to the left, continue the journey until you find the Indonesian Army Combat Training Center.

Continue the journey until you meet the intersection towards Saptosari or until you meet Saptosari Field. After that, direct the vehicle to the right towards Girikarto.

Follow the straight path until you find a fork, then turn left towards Nglaos Hamlet. Follow the path until you meet the first T-junction, then turn right, continue your journey until you meet Kesirat Beach.

3. The attraction of Kesirat Beach Yogyakarta

The attractiveness of Kesirat Beach makes some tourists call it a hidden paradise in Yogyakarta. One of the uniqueness of this beach is the stunning cliffs. However, you have to be careful if you want to go up the cliff because it is quite steep.

Although there is no white sand, Kesirat Beach offers an extraordinary view. The combination of blue skies, trees, and green grass is very pleasing to the eye. You will also be accompanied by the sound of the waves which make your vacation even more memorable.

In addition, there is a brubuh-brubuh ritual that is carried out by residents around the coast once a year. The tradition aims to protect the environment.

One of them is not cutting down the ‘eternal’ tree which is the icon of Kesirat Beach. They will cut down trees only during the rice harvest season.

4. Fun activities to do

The beach is often used as a place of ‘escape’ for many people. Well, one of the fun ways to enjoy Kesirat Beach is to sit and enjoy the tranquility there.

There are several exciting activities that you can do at Kesirat Beach. Starting from hunting for photo spots. Almost every corner of Kesirat Beach is very beautiful for taking pictures.

Kesirat Beach is also famous as a favorite camping spot in Yogyakarta. The area is large to set up a tent and make a bonfire.

For those of you who like fishing, this beach provides an area called rock fishing. So, you can fish from a height of approximately 15 meters. Experience a different fishing sensation in the open sea, accompanied by strong winds and waves.

Not only that, visiting the beach without enjoying the sunset feels incomplete. You can enjoy the sunset behind the tall trees. Take advantage of this moment to create beautiful silhouette photos.

Another way to enjoy this beach is a culinary tour. There are several places to eat that serve a variety of fresh seafood preparations. The favorite menu that must be tried is processed with grilled spices that are perfectly absorbed.

5. Tips for visiting Kesirat Beach Yogyakarta

So that your vacation at Kesirat Beach remains exciting and comfortable, here are some tips you can do.

  • The best time to visit Kesirat Beach is in the afternoon.
  • If you want to camp, bring personal equipment.
  • Bring your best camera to capture your holiday at Kesirat Beach.
  • Keep the beach clean by throwing garbage in its place.
  • Bring enough cash.

That’s the Kesirat Beach tourist information in Yogyakarta for your vacation. Hopefully, it can be useful for those of you who want to vacation at the beach in Yogyakarta. Don’t forget to follow the health protocols, okay?