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5 Mosques in France that Amaze You with Their Beauty

Mosques in France You Must Visit

Mosques in France – France is a country that has many famous tourist destinations all over the world. Every year many tourists from various countries make this country their main vacation destination.

When visiting this country, Muslims don’t have to worry about having trouble finding a mosque. There are several mosques scattered all over the country. This mosque was built so majestic and well maintained.

Here are five mosques in France that have managed to amaze with their charm!

Beautiful Mosques in France

1. The First Mosques in France, The Grande Mosquee de Paris

The Grande Mosquée de Paris or the Great Mosque of Paris is the largest mosque in France. This mosque is also the second-largest in Europe. This mosque is considered the most beautiful mosque, so it is one of the main reasons why people flock to visit this mosque.

This mosque has an amazing design and around the mosque, there are also beautiful flowers blooming.

2. Grande Mosquee de Lyon

Grande Mosquée de Lyon is a mosque with a clever mix of Persian and Maghrebi influences embedded in a minimalist contemporary image. The mosque is filled with light that spreads over the mosque building.

The mosque manages to play a significant cultural role, teaching Arabic as well as the main principles of Islam. Every year in October, the mosque holds a symposium to bring together Muslim researchers, academics, and scholars from around the world.

3. The Next Mosques in France, El Walid Mosque in Givors

El Walid Mosque is located in Givors, eastern France. The mosque was inaugurated in 2013 and is considered the second largest mosque in the Rhone, after the Great Mosque of Lyon. This mosque is very impressive because of its large green dome.

There are as many as 1,400 followers of the Islamic faith who come to pray here and a few tourists when they pass through the area.

4. Mosquee de la Duchère, Lyon

Mosquée de la Duchère is located in Lyon. The newly built mosque can accommodate up to 900 worshipers. The mosque is designed with a futuristic vibe influenced by the skyscraper concept. However, with window columns to inspire a sense of serene luminosity.

Apart from being a holy place for worship, the mosque also has eight classrooms where Arabic and religion classes are taught.

5. The Last Mosques in France, Strasbourg Mosque

The Strasbourg Mosque is located on the banks of the River Ill in the Heyritz area, south of the Grande le. The mosque was founded in September 2012. Visitors flock to see this mosque because of the unusual architectural forms it exhibits.

The building of the mosque is praised for its ingenious design, where the open space does not require supporting columns due to an innovative cable system attached to the outer pillars. This unique approach is inspired by the technology used for suspension bridges.

France has many mosques to visit. The mosque building is also attractively designed. Interested in visiting?