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5 Most Beautiful Railway Lines in Europe, Really Exotic Views

One of the Most Beautiful Railway Lines in Europe

Most Beautiful Railway Lines in Europe – In Europe, the train is one of the best options when traveling. Besides being more comfortable and relaxed, using the railroad tracks can also be used as an alternative to dealing with congestion.

You don’t need to drive, even taking the train can be a solution to reduce delays. Great, here.

What’s more, the scenery around the path is very beautiful. Traverse stunning mountain ranges and through picturesque little villages. Witnessing the charm of the surroundings from the train window feels like a vacation. Here are some railroad lines in Europe, which offer such amazing natural landscapes.

Photo of the Most Beautiful Railway Lines in Europe

1. Most Beautiful Railway Lines in Europe: Bernina Express, Switzerland

Switzerland has indeed become a paradise for amazing natural scenery in Europe. Especially the Alps in Switzerland, presenting peaks and expanses of snow-capped glaciers and lush green valleys. Make you feel at home living there. If you intend to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland without exerting yourself, exploring the Bernina Express route will be your best choice.

The Bernina Express line is ready to accompany you for about 2.5 hours to explore the beauty of Switzerland from behind the window. Epic mountain views, some charming countryside, and flower fields that will spoil passengers. Especially by looking at the expanse of the Alps covered in snow. Will add peace of mind.

2. West Highland Line, Scotland

The West Highland Line in Scotland is more popularly known as the Hogwarts Express. Breaking through the beauty of the green expanse using a dark red type of steam train, you will feel in the Harry Potter films. This train also crosses the highlands in Scotland, which offers views like the Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter films.

This old train will provide a beautiful and classic travel experience like you were in the previous world. When you look out the window, it is a vast landscape with impressive mountains and valleys that form a perfect curve.

You will fall in love with Scotland even more. If you want to enjoy the charming Scottish scenery, you can come there in spring when the leaves are in beautiful bloom.

3. Most Beautiful Railway Lines in Europe: Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a popular tourist area for Italians and foreigners. The object is a collection of five villages perched on the cliffs of the Ligurian coast. Not just a rural range like in general, Cinque Terre has a collection of colorful buildings exposed to views of the blue ocean. Very dramatic.

Undoubtedly, the long stretch of railroad tracks is sure to be a favorite vehicle for tourists. Here also provides a slow train which offers unlimited packages for passengers, where you can stop in each village to take a walk.

In addition to the unavailability of good access for cars, taking the train while enjoying the beauty from behind the window is certainly more comfortable. Especially when the sun goes down, it becomes a dramatic memory.

4. Rhine Valley Line, Germany

Germany has indeed become one of the countries with an advanced rail network. Therefore, most Germans choose this one vehicle as an alternative to enjoy comfort and beauty. Moreover, train fares in Germany are also quite affordable. The best choice, though.

Apart from being popular with the railroad that runs through the middle of urban Germany, there is also famous for its beautiful paths that stretch across the countryside filled with green scenery. Must try, here.

You can spoil your eyes by enjoying the beauty of green hills, vineyards accompanied by a castle building perched on it, or the blue river water that stretches below it. Complete.

5. Most Beautiful Railway Lines in Europe: Flam Railway, Norway

Even though it is only about an hour’s drive, tourists are guaranteed to be stunned by the natural offerings that can be peeked from behind the window. Apart from going through the green and refreshing stretch of forest, passengers can also see the glacier cliffs that surround the train track. Looks dramatic, anyway.

If you want to see ice rocks very real before your eyes, you can take the train here in winter. It will feel like in the Frozen movie, right? Make sure you also choose a window seat, OK. So you can fully enjoy the natural scenery of Norway.

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