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5 Unique and Interesting Museums in Albania, Must Come Here!

5 Museums in Albania

Museums in Albania – Albania is one of the countries in Europe which has a very amazing view. Although this country is less popular than France, Germany and the Netherlands, it is still worth a visit.

Many tourist spots can spoil the eye, from beaches, mountains, national parks, to historical heritage buildings in Albania.

One of the tourist attractions that should be visited is a museum. In addition to gaining insight, visiting this tourist destination is also entertainment in itself because visitors will be presented with various unique and very valuable historical relics.

Here are five of the most unique and best museums in Albania.

Interesting Museums in Albania

1. First Museums in Albania, BunkArt, Tirana

Tirana is one of the busiest capitals on the Balkan Peninsula. The city also has many famous and interesting museums and art galleries to visit. One of the museums that is a favorite of many visitors is BunkArt.

This museum is unique because it is built in a large underground bunker. This museum was also founded during the communist era on the outskirts of Tirana.

The purpose of making the bunker is to accommodate the former dictator Enver Hoxha in the event of a nuclear attack. But what happened was unexpected because Hoxha died several years before the bunker was completed and was never used for its purpose.

Over time, this bunker was finally transformed into one of the coolest historical museums and contemporary art galleries on the Balkan Peninsula. Interestingly, this museum is perfect for visitors interested in learning something about modern Albanian history: BunkArt.

2. The Next Museums in Albania, the Museum of Medieval Art, Korça

The Museum of Medieval Art or the Museum of Medieval Art in Korça is a museum that has an art collection of more than 7,000 items. The collections include jewelry, stones, fine metals, and paper found around the area.

One of the best pieces of the museum’s collection are paintings and religious icons made by some of Albania’s most important past artists such as Onufri, the Zografi brothers, David Selenica, and so on.

3. National Museum of Education, Korça

Albanians consider Korça to be the cultural capital of the country because of its cultural importance. One of the tourist attractions that should not be missed when visiting this city is the National Museum of Education or National Education Museum which is housed in the building which houses the first school in the country of Albania.

The museum has a diverse collection of books and the first written copy of the Albanian alphabet, as well as photos of national heroes who contributed to the opening of the school. Really interesting right?

4. National History Museum, Tirana

The National History Museum is the largest in Albania. The museum is strategically located in the middle of Skanderbeg Square and has a beautiful colored mosaic representing the most important phase in Albanian history.

This museum provides an overview of the history of the country from Paleolithic to communist rule. One of the highlights of this museum is the beautiful iconic exhibition of Onufri’s work and a replica of the large Skanderbeg sword used against the Ottomans.

5. Another Museums in Albania, Marubi National Museum of Photography, Shkodra

Marubi National Museum of Photography, Shkodra is located in the beautiful Pedonalja Shkodra region which is one of the most important cities in northern Albania. This museum has a large collection of Albania’s best photography.

This beautiful museum opened in 2016 showcasing the impressive work of the Marubi family starting with Pietro Marubbi who was an Italian painter and photographer.

He decided to flee his country for political reasons in the nineteenth century and emigrated to Shkodra. Then he founded the first photo studio in his own country.

One of the most impressive collections is the first photo taken in Albania by Marubi in 1858, then there are also photos of city life in Shkodra, street views, to several public events.

Last Words

Albania has many museums that are worth visiting. The museum is also a silent witness to historical past events. Interested in visiting?