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8 Nature Tourism in Bosnia whose Charm is too Beautiful!

Best Nature Tourism in Bosnia

Nature Tourism in Bosnia – Bosnia is a country that has a very charming landscape. This country also has many interesting natural attractions to explore. Starting from the view of mountains, rivers, to waterfalls, it successfully attracts visitors.

The tourists can also do various kinds of fun activities there, such as swimming, hiking, cycling, to camping. Here are eight natural attractions in Bosnia that are very enchanting!

Amazing Nature Tourism in Bosnia

1. One of the Best Nature Tourism in Bosnia, Trebišnjica River

Trebisnjica River is located in Trebinje which is a town in Republika Srpska. This river is the main attraction that successfully attracts many visitors. The river has the best views of the historic Ottoman-style Arslanagic Bridge from the Crkvina Hills.

2. Volujak Mountain

Mount Volujak is located on the border between Bosnia and Montenegro in Republika Srpska. Visitors can do activities such as climbing mountains that have beautiful panoramas which can also be a fun challenge for nature lovers.

3. Next Nature Tourism in Bosnia, Kravice Falls

The best time to visit Kravice Falls is when spring comes because, during summer, the water flows less but is shallow enough for locals and tourists to swim in the river.

4. Mount Bjelašnica

Mount Bjelašnica is a mountain in Central Bosnia that stretches to the southwest of the capital Sarajevo. This mountain has a famous ski resort among tourists.

5. Another Nature Tourism in Bosnia, Pliva Waterfall

Pliva waterfall is located in Jajce which is a region in the central part of Bosnia. This waterfall is so amazing, where the Pliva River meets the Vrbas River which is the main attraction of this small town.

6. Mount Maglić

Mount Maglic is part of the mountains on the border between Bosnia and Montenegro. This mountain has a soothing view of the eye. Many activities can be done here, from hiking, camping, to cycling.

7. Una River

The Una River is a hidden paradise located on the border of Croatia and Bosnia. If you want a challenging activity, visitors can do white water rafting here.

8. The Last Nature Tourism in Bosnia, Drina River

The Drina River has a UNESCO registered Ottoman Bridge located in Visegrad which was designed by one of the greatest architects of the time and is a major tourist attraction in Bosnia.

Bosnia has many natural attractions that can be visited. This tourist spot also has a view that is so amazing. So want to visit here!