10 Recommended Places to Visit in Philippines for Couples

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Places to Visit in Philippines for Couples – Everyone certainly has dreams of being able to travel abroad, especially with a couple. If European countries may be too draining your budget, try to explore countries in Southeast Asia.

Apart from Singapore and Thailand, it turns out that there is another Asian country that has a number of interesting tourist attractions, but it is rarely known by some tourists.

The country is the Philippines, a country in Asia whose accommodation is more affordable than Singapore.

10 Places to Visit in Philippines for Couples

Don’t believe that the Philippines has attractive tourist attractions? We will review 10 places to visit in the Philippines for couples, which are sure to be cool and interesting to visit.

Come on, immediately read the review here!

#1. First Places to Visit in Philippines for Couples is Chocolate Hills


The first tourist spot for couple in Philippines is Chocolate Hills. This is a hilly area tended by green grass. Uniquely, during the dry season, these hilly grasses are brown. In fact, when exposed to sunlight, these hills also look brown.

UNESCO has designated Chocolate Hills as a world heritage site. That said, these hillsides in Chocolate Hills instructions up to 1,500. Meanwhile, the height of each hill ranges from 30-50 meters.

#2. Boracay Be The Next Places to Visit in Philippines for Couples


Located 315 kilometers from the center of the Philippines City, Boracay is a beautiful island that is a must for tourists from various countries.

The beauty of the beach in Boracay is perfect for those of you who want to be refreshed and want to take a vacation to a clean and beautiful beach.

Not only are the beaches a favorite of tourists, but the beauty of the underwater world in Boracay is also a must to be explored.

On this island, there are resorts to restaurants that pamper tourists who are on vacation here.

#3. Banaue Rice Terrace Can Also Be An Option


This one is a tourist spot in the Philippines that offers views of rice fields similar to rice fields in Bali, Indonesia. It’s just that Banaue Rice Terrace is the oldest rice field in the Philippines so many tourists are interested in visiting it.

In addition, this rice field was made by the Batad tribe with a simple irrigation system but looks amazing to the eyes of tourists.

This highland rice field area has also been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Tourists who visit here can try the fun of planting rice directly in this 10,360 square kilometer rice field.

So, are you interested in trying to become a “short farmer” at Banaue Rice Terrace? Wouldn’t this be an unforgettable experience with your couple?

#4. Looking for a Beach? Visit Mactan


The Philippines also has so many beautiful islands and seas. One of the islands that is a mandatory tourist destination is Mactan Island. On this island, the sea is so clear and invites anyone to swim to feel the freshness.

Mactan Island itself covers only 65 square kilometers. Meanwhile, the population is only 467,824 people. Although it’s not very big, Mactan has its own airport so you don’t have to spend the time traveling overland to get here.

Activities that you can do in Mactan are relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, and sailing to explore the beauty of the sea around this island. Anyway, you will feel at home on vacation on Mactan Island.

#5. Manila Ocean Park


The Philippines does not only offer natural attractions. In this country, you can also visit a large marine park. In fact, Manila Ocean Park is bigger than Singapore Ocean Park, you know!

Manila Ocean Park actually offers a display of a giant aquarium with a variety of life, because there are around 14,000 marine life in this tourist spot.

Apart from being with your couple, this tour will also be suitable for those of you who are on vacation with children. Because, Manila Ocean Park can be the right tourist destination and will definitely be liked by children.

#6. Coron Is Also Including Places In Philippines to Visit for Couples


When you look at the pictures of Coron Island, you must feel that this island is like a paradise on earth, right?

Coron is an exotic island that suddenly became famous for the findings of a Japanese ship from World War II. Around the wreck, there are amazing diving and snorkeling spots.

The beauty of the sea on Coron Island is truly beautiful. The sea water is so clear that we can see fish swimming among the coral reefs which are still very beautiful.

If you don’t want to swim, you can also relax with your couple at Banol Beach, a white sand beach on this island.

#7. Mayon Volcano


Mayon Volcano is a next place to visit in Philippines for couple, where the mountain is very famous for its appearance which is claimed to be similar to Mount Fuji in Japan.

What distinguishes the two, is that if Mount Fuji is covered with snow during the winter, this mountain is not included in the area that gets winter.

Mount Mayon is a very active volcano. Tourists who come here can only admire this mountain from a distance. The reason is, to be able to climb this mountain you must obtain a permit from the local government.

#8. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park


In fact, there are many beautiful caves in various parts of the world. However, if you are in the Philippines and want to find tourist attractions that are a little challenging, just visit the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

In order to get to this national park you have to do trekking first. Arriving at this national park, we can explore the cave while following the river where the water is clear green. To go down the river you have to get on a boat.

#9. El Nido


For those of you who want to vacation on beautiful beaches that are not overcrowded, El Nido is a tourist spot in the Philippines that offers all of that.

The white sand beach that helps this limestone mountain offers clear Tosca green sea water. Interestingly, this place has not been explored much by tourists, so you don’t have to jostle when you are here.

El Nido offers natural beauty under the sea. The fish species that you can find on this beach are also very complete, ranging from colorful tropical fish, dolphins, to white fin sharks.

Your vacation with your couple in the Philippines will not disappoint if you visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

#10. Last Suggestions for Places In Philippines to Visit for Couples, Bantayan Island


One more tourist spot in the Philippines that is really fun to stop by, the name is Bantayan Island.

This beautiful island is located in the Visayan Sea, to be exact, to the west of the northern tip of Cebu Island. The beach sand on this island looks pure white so that it makes us want to relax on it.

Bantayan Island is the best place for couples who want to honeymoon. On this island there are also resorts that you can rent to stay overnight.

Moreover, this small island is also less crowded, so you can get a calmer holiday atmosphere.

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Last Word About 10 Places to Visit in Philippines for Couples

Here are 10 places to visit in Philippines for couples. The charm of nature in the Philippines is indeed a special attraction for tourists. If you have recommendations for other tourist attractions in the Philippines, please write the name of the tourist spot in the comments column.

Hopefully useful.

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