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5 Tourist Attractions in Cappadocia Turkey, Really Enchanting!

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Tourist Attractions in Cappadocia Turkey – Turkey is a country located in the Eurasia region, the border between Europe and Asia. The country with its capital city Ankara is famous for its beautiful panorama like a fairy tale.

Therefore, it’s no wonder why Turkey is often the main destination for travelers from various regions of the world.

Turkey has a city that holds so many stories and history. Cappadocia for example. A small town located in eastern Anatolia, it contains views that are characteristic of the rocks. The uniqueness of this region is also the main attraction for those who visit.

It will make you feel at home, here are 5 recommended tourist destinations in Cappadocia, Turkey!

5 Tourist Attractions in Cappadocia Turkey

1. The First Tourist Attractions in Cappadocia Turkey, Gerome National Park

When visiting Cappadocia, you shouldn’t miss this one destination. Yup, Gerome Natural Park is one of the favorite destinations in Cappadocia. Here, you can enjoy the Hot Air Balloon Ride which will bring you a panoramic view of Cappadocia from above.

Not only that, but in Gerome National Park you can also visit the Gerome Open Museum which consists of 11 ancient churches. These churches have a unique classical European style architecture.

The neat details, which are carved on Gerome’s signature white stone and consist of various paintings, will certainly make you amazed by its beauty.

2. Other Tourist Attractions in Cappadocia Turkey is Land of Fairy Chimney

Land of Fairy Chimney or in Indonesian known as the Fairy Chimney Land is one of Cappadocia’s favorite destinations. There is something unique about this place. As the name implies, this place contains rocks that rise like a chimney.

The rocks in the form of caves are also used by the local community as their place of residence. At dusk, the charm of Land of Fairy Chimney is even more beautiful and looks like a fairy tale.

3. Furthermore, There is Pasabag

Pasabag or how to pronounce it with Pah-shah-bah is an area famous for its beauty with its scenery containing large rocks that rise hundreds of feet high. The shapes of the rocks here are unique, which resemble giant mushrooms because they are cone-shaped at the ends.

Not only resembling mushrooms, but the rocks here also have the shape of a priest’s hat, dove, and so on. In ancient times, Pasabag was used as a place of exile for monks from the outside world

4. Cave Hotel Could Be Your Next Option For Tourist Attractions in Cappadocia Turkey

If you are visiting Cappadocia and are confused about where to stay, then Cave Hotel can be your choice. As the name implies, Cave Hotel is one of the traditional hotels in the form of a cave carved from Goreme’s typical white stone.

The feel of Ancient Rome is so thick that it makes you feel like you are in the era of the Roman Empire. One of the most favorite sights that you can see through the Cave Hotel window is the beautiful variety of colorful hot air balloons that decorate the Cappadocia region.

5. Matis Carpet Weaving Village

It feels very bland when visiting an area but doesn’t buy souvenirs or souvenirs. Matis Carpet Weaving Village can also be your choice. Here, a wide variety of carpets are sold with undoubted quality.

Cappadocia rugs are known for their manual manufacturing processes, so the price offered is also quite high. Not only carpets, but around here you can also buy various kinds of other trinkets such as clothes and ceramics.

Last Word About Tourist Attractions in Cappadocia Turkey

Those are the five tourist destinations that you can visit while in Cappadocia, Turkey. Presenting natural landscapes that are so natural, of course, will be a special attraction for travelers from various worlds. So while you are here, don’t forget to visit the five tourist destinations listed above. Have a good vacation!