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Looking for Yogyakarta Beach? Check the 7 Choices Here!

One of Yogyakarta Beach

Yogyakarta Beach – Yogyakarta has a lot of tourism potential, from history to culinary delights. Not inferior to Bali, Yogyakarta also has a variety of charming beaches. Beautiful blue beach decorated with giant rocks and cliffs.

Approximately 60 beaches are scattered in the Gunung Kidul Regency area. There are many beaches on the south side of Yogya because it is bordered by 110 kilometers along the Indian Ocean. Of the many beaches in Yogyakarta, here are 7 of the best that you must visit.

Beautiful Yogyakarta Beach

Yogyakarta Beach, Baron

Have you ever stopped by Baron Beach? Among the 7 other beaches, Baron Beach is the most hits in Gunung Kidul Regency. Baron Beach is flanked by two large hills, a meeting place between freshwater from rivers and seawater. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to swim at Baron’s beach.

Because of its popularity, the infrastructure and facilities on Baron’s beach are good. Not only can you relax, but you can also have fun taking pictures with fishing boats here. Don’t forget to try the delicious fresh grilled fish in the surrounding stalls.

Wediombo Beach in Yogyakarta

The location is easy to reach, the unique coralline makes this beach very popular. Wediombo Beach is flanked by a wide bay with soft white sand. This beach is fun to find in a calm atmosphere with the sound of beach waves and a refreshing breeze.

Wediombo Beach looks very beautiful, especially when the sun starts to set. Once a year, this beach holds a traditional Ngalangi ceremony. The ceremony is an expression of gratitude to God for the gift given, as well as asking for good fortune for the future.

Drini Beach

Those of you who have visited Tanah Lot may be familiar with Drini beach. At first glance it looks similar, Drini beach does not have a temple on a large rock. No less exotic, you can walk along the beach, which is surrounded by large cliffs and rows of fishing boats.

This beach has two bays with brown sand. The beach is clean and comfortable for those of you who want to play on the beach. Tired of playing, you can also find stalls selling young coconuts.

Yogyakarta Beach, Siung

When it comes to rocky beaches, Siung Beach is the champion. This beach has many giant corals to the west and east. Large rocks are jutting out into the sea that resembles canines too, you know.

Usually, Siung beach is used by experts for the areca climbing area. Siung Beach has camping ground facilities on the beach overnight.

There is no need to worry about toilet and food problems. Siung Beach is a fishing village that will provide food stalls and toilets.

Timang Beach

You can find Timang Beach after passing Baron beach. Suitable for those of you who want to pump up your adrenaline. There is a cable car that is commonly used as a lobster finder transportation. For those of you who want to ride the cable car, you will be charged around IDR 100,000.

This beach tends to be unspoiled because it is not too crowded with visitors. Access is quite difficult and directly borders the sea. Consisting of two parts, Timang beach consists of white sand and pandanus plants.

Yogyakarta Beach, Krakal

Krakal Beach is a comfortable place to relax. Provided a gazebo on the reef. As far as the eye can see, we will be amazed by the beauty of the beach which is flanked by two rocks.

A white sand beach that has a sloping coastline and good waves. Krakal Beach is also usually used as a surfing spot.

The beach waves here are known for their challenging reef breaks. Only experienced people surf here because the waves will crash directly into the reefs.

Yogyakarta Beach, Ngobaran

You can visit Ngobaran beach via the route towards Wonosari. Drive south until you reach Kanigoro Saptosari Village. You can start to see the beauty of the beach shortly after turning left at the T-junction of the Wonosari-Imogiri line of Kanigoro Village.

Ngobaran Beach is usually used as a place of prayer because there is a temple on a hill. Apart from the temple, there are also white statues of gods.

You can see the uniqueness of Ngobaran beach when the water is receding. You can also see brown and green seaweed. The activities of residents catching fish and hunting hedgehogs are also interesting for your camera eyes.

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Have you been to any beaches in Yogyakarta? Come on, go to the Yogyakarta beach!