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6 Savings Tricks For You, Students Who Want To Start Traveling

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In the modern era like now, traveling is the dream of almost everyone. Routines that are getting denser often make the mind become bored so it needs to be refreshed, one of which is by taking pleasure. However, it is undeniable that the main obstacle for traveling is a large budget, especially for those of you who are still students and do not have an income.

For those of you who are still in high school but have big dreams of being able to start traveling, let’s look at the following simple tips to get closer to your dreams.

Saving Tips for Traveling

1. Save a small amount every day

The first tip, you can set aside your pocket money little by little every day. For example, you save Rp 3,000-Rp 5,000 per day, or more if you have more pocket money. Believe me, saving in this way will feel lighter than directly with a large nominal.

You can save it in your savings account if you feel the amount is quite a lot. If you save at home, you can divide your savings into several posts, such as accommodation needs posts and travel needs posts. Fill alternately or depending on your flexibility. The purpose of these posts is to make it easier for you to manage your travel budgeting needs.

2. Set aside coins

Next, you can increase your savings balance a little in a very simple way, by setting aside the change you get every time you buy something. You don’t need all of them, just those with a nominal value of Rp. 500 or Rp. 1,000.

Every few weeks or once a month, exchange your collection of coins for paper money at the nearest shops or convenience stores. You can put the money you get into savings posts in tip number 1, depending on which posts you think need to be increased. Even though it looks trivial, don’t underestimate the power of your change.

3. Installment of traveling needs

The need for traveling is not small. In addition to preparation in the form of money, the items for your travel needs must also be considered. To outsmart this, you can pay in installments what things must be fulfilled. For example, you buy a train or plane ticket and book lodging in different timeframes, so it’s not too heavy to have to buy all at once.

Apart from accommodation, you can buy necessities such as backpacks/luggage, jackets, and various other necessities one by one so as not to burden you. This is the importance of your savings posts that make it easier to manage the budget used for accommodation or travel needs.

4. Don’t be afraid to bring lunch to school

The next simple tip is that you can bring food or snacks from home. Bringing lunch can save you a bit because you don’t have to always eat in the canteen. In addition to food, make it a habit to bring drinking water when you go to school or travel. Besides being healthy, bringing your drinking water can also reduce your expenses. So, you can allocate more of your pocket money to save. So easy right?

5. Reduce the intensity of expensive “fun”

Busy school activities, plus extracurriculars, and various tutoring are sometimes stressful. To get rid of fatigue, you usually fill your spare time by hanging out with friends, eating at hits places, watching movies, or going to the mall which often ends up shopping. Without realizing it, this all ends up draining your pocket money.

Tips to overcome it are to reduce the intensity of your fun that requires a lot of money. Limit these activities to once or twice a month. You can release stress with other activities such as reading your favorite book, exercising, taking a walk around the house, or watching the MV of your favorite musician on YouTube. It’s cheap and you can still save.

6. Take advantage of the school’s WiFi network

Make the most of the WiFi network at your school to save your internet data plan budget. It doesn’t mean that you are stingy, because using school facilities properly is not prohibited at all. Even if you are observant and want to take opportunities, you can earn additional income from the internet. You can become a blogger, write articles on online sites that pay for the contributions of their contributors, become a freelancer, or participate in various competitions whose information is widely spread on the internet. Anyway, many roads lead to Rome.

The six tips above may not be able to take you traveling to places that are too far away. But don’t great things start with small steps? Stay motivated to pursue your dream of traveling!

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