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5 Tips for Vacationing in a High-Temperature Country, Really Extreme!

Tips Vacationing in a High-Temperature Country

Visiting a new country for the first time may be an experience that is hard to forget. Each country in various parts of the continent usually has its differences in terms of society, society, culture, and even the weather.

In addition to cold, several countries also have extreme heat. Of course, you need some careful tips when visiting a country with such temperatures. Here are the tips:

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1. Consume lots of water to avoid dehydration

In temperatures that are too extreme, you can become dehydrated if you do too much activity. Normally, the body needs about 2 liters of water every day for normal activities. This of course makes you have to prepare more water for consumption when traveling in places with high temperatures.

2. Use sunblock for skin health

High temperatures are also dangerous for the skin, especially if you are in the sun for a long time. We recommend using a sunblock with an SPF of 24 or even more. You also need to use it every 2-3 hours for maximum results in protecting your skin.

3. Wear the right clothes

Activities in an area that has extreme temperatures will be very challenging. Avoid wearing clothes that are too thick or heavy. In addition to comfort, the right clothes also prevent you from becoming body odor.

4. Limit travel time

Those of you who are not used to high-temperature extremes must have difficulty adapting so that it is easy to feel tired. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you limit your tour time to just a few hours. This is also to help you stay comfortable and be able to enjoy the tour.

5. Beware of heat stroke

At high temperatures that are already extreme, heat stroke is possible. To be aware of this, you should be able to regularly rest in a shady place and consume lots of water. For serious conditions, you should immediately contact a medical person.

Well, it’s not easy to visit countries with extremely high temperatures. But with some of the tips above, hopefully, they can help you feel safe and comfortable. Interested?

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