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Do You Know? Here Are 11 Must-Take Tools for Climbing a Mountain

equipment for climbing a mountain

Mountain climbing is a tourist activity as well as a sport that is quite risky. With steep terrain and extreme weather on the mountain, of course, many things need to be prepared. One of them is preparing mountain climbing equipment.

Well, at least some tools must be brought if you want to climb the mountain. What are those?

Must-Take Tools for Climbing a Mountain Illustration

1. Carrier

To carry and accommodate luggage climbing the mountain, don’t use a regular backpack, okay? Use a special backpack or what is commonly called a carrier.

Carriers also vary in size. When buying it, make sure it fits your body size and climbing style.

2. Special mountain outfit

When climbing a mountain, don’t just wear clothes. Wear clothes that are specifically designed for mountain climbing, such as shirts, pants, and mountain jackets. Mountaineering clothing is usually light, light, warm, and dries quickly when wet.

3. Mountain shoes and gaiters

The terrain in urban and mountainous areas is certainly different. Therefore, when we are in the mountains, we must wear special mountain shoes.

To avoid dust and gravel getting in between the shoes, we must wear additional foot protection called a gaiter.

4. Lighting tools

When night falls, of course, there is no lighting at all on the mountain. So don’t forget to bring lighting tools, such as tent lights, flashlights, and headlamps.

5. First Aid

When climbing a mountain, bring a medical kit or a simple first aid kit to deal with unexpected injuries. Also include personal medicine, yes.

6. Double-layer tent

To spend the night on the mountain, of course, you need a tent as a substitute for the roof of the house. Make sure you bring a tent that is strong, waterproof, and windproof.

Strong tents usually consist of two layers or so-called double layers. The first layer is the foundation of the tent and the second is a strong layer to withstand obstacles from outside.

7. Mattress and sleeping bag

You must bring a mattress to be the base of the tent. Not only that but a sleeping bag must also be carried as a substitute for a blanket that is lighter and more practical.

8. Small stove and cooking set

To cook on the mountain, use a stove, cooking utensils, and cutlery specially made for mountain climbing. The size is certainly small and does not take up space in the carrier.

9. Trekking pole

One of the things you can’t leave behind is a stick or trekking pole. If you don’t bring this one tool, you will find it difficult to balance your body when climbing, especially if there is no handle on the side of the hiking trail.

10. Survival kits

Bring a survival kit or survival tools that are light and quite important, such as knives, matches, whistles, compasses, and others. This tool will come in handy in both normal and worst situations.

11. Raincoat

Lastly is the raincoat. Of course, you must bring this tool when it rains. You can choose your favorite raincoat model, as long as you are comfortable using it when climbing, that’s not a problem.

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Those are eleven mountain climbing tools that you should not leave. With this, you have met the climbing standards for mountains in Indonesia, such as Mount Gede Pangrango, Semeru, Rinjani, and others. Are you ready to climb the mountain?

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